Cutting water treatment

In the French fries industry, potatoes are mainly cut with so-called water knives: With water pressure  the potatoes are pressed through a knife frame. In the chips industry potatoes are cut in slicers. Her water is used for transport of the product and flushing of the knives. In both industries the cut product is subsequently flushed with water.

Most French fries companies recycle the cutting water. In the chips industry water recirculation is less common, but an increasing number of chips factories is switching over.

IMG 0313When water recirculation is in use, it is essential that the product entering the fryers is free of nubbins, starch and fibres. Nivoba supplies a very efficient and reliable system for removing those solids from the water. The application of a Nivoba unit equipment results in water saving, fast reduction of waste water pollution, and less tear and wear of the process equipment. Further the separated starch has a considerable market value reducing the payback time of the investment.

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