Hydrocyclone HC50


The hydrocyclone HC50 is a versatile unit when it comes to solid liquid separation. This hydrocyclone model is renowned for its high efficiency and long lifespan

Process description

The hydrocyclone HC50 comprises a conical body, an upper part with feed and overflow and an exchangeable apex nozzle. Product is fed tangentially under a certain feed pressure. Centrifugal action forces the solids outward against the hydrocyclone wall and downward through the apex nozzle. Liquid is forced upward in a vortex flow and is discharged through the overflow outlet.


The hydrocyclone HC-50 is made of wear-resistant polyurethane. The separation efficiency and concentration of the underflow can be adjusted by changing the feed pressure and/or by changing the apex diameter.

The hydrocyclone can be supplied as single unit with a pressure gauge, control valve, transparent drain hose and mounting bracket. Depending on the required capacity, it is possible to mount up to 20 hydrocyclones HC-50 to a manifold with central feed and overflow flange.


  • High efficiency
  • No moving parts
  • Compact and robust design
  • Wear resistant
  • Robust


Separation of particles smaller than 2 millimetres and with a higher specific weight than the mother liquid

Technical data

Feed (l/h) 5.500
Feed pressure (bar) 3,5

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