Multicyclone unit HC130/230/330/400

Nivoba Multicyclones are used for concentrating and washing native and modified starch

Process description

A multicyclone unit comprises a number of hydrocyclone stages. Crude starch enters the unit through the first cyclone stage. Simultaneously fresh water is added through the last cyclone stage. While the starch passes all stages up to the last stage, the water goes in the opposite direction (counter-current). The intensive contact ensures the starch is finally discharged fully cleaned.


A multicyclone unit consists of a frame, a number of hydrocyclone stages fitted with one or more cyclone blocks, feed pumps, instrumentation, piping and cabling. The cyclone blocks are mounted on stainless steel frames with hinged covers. Depending on the required capacity Nivoba offers 4 different cyclone sizes.


  • Compact, open and sanitary construction
  • No leakage
  • Durable cyclone blocks
  • Hygienic design without blind spots
  • CIP ready
  • High efficiency at relatively low pressures
  • In conformity with FDA standards

Technical data

  Cyclone diameter Number of cyclones
HC130 10 14
HC230 10 64
HC330 10 120
HC400 10 238
HC130 15 10
HC230 15 37
HC330 15 80
HC400 15 152

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