Ultra Rasp RU 40/50/80

Milling potatoes, cassava, sago or other starch-containing crops requires recovering the largest possible amount of starch. Nivoba has set the global standard for many years with the Ultra Rasp.

Process description 

Feedstock is milled between a fast rotating rotor fitted with rasp blades and a static rasp block. The grist stays between the rotor and special screen plates and is ground repeatedly until the starch cells have opened up as much as possible.


The Nivoba Ultra Rasp consist of a sturdy frame; a rotor housing fitted with a detachable cover with magnetic lock to safeguard against opening during operation; a rotor fitted with clamping bars and rasp blades, a revolving stator with screen; an inlet hopper and a rasp block. The rotor is driven by an electric motor and belt drive.


  • Highest efficiency available
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Safe to operate
  • Long life
  • Sanitary construction


  • CIP cleaning
  • Direct drive
  • Construction completely in stainless steel
  • Feed and discharge systems
  • Rotor can be fitted with any rasp blade clamping system


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