Residual potato treatment

The production of French fries and crisps generates residual products: reject potatoes, slivers and other products. The unheated residual products contain, amongst others, starch. By extracting the starch from these residues, substantial value can added to these residues.

Nivoba developed and engineered a process in which uncooked and not heated potato residues are milled in a specially developed Ultra Rasp: the only machine capable to recover up to ninety-five per cent of the present starch. The starch slurry from the mill enters into special extraction sieves (conical centrifuges) to separate the fibres from the slurry; subsequently the slurry is concentrated in hydrocyclones and then dewatered – with or without - vacuum filtration.

The crude starch now is fit for further processing for application in the chemical-, petro-chemical- and pulp & paper industry. The efficiency of the unit is extremely high: up to ninety per cent.

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