Rotating vacuum filter, type FC

The FC type Vacuum filter can be fitted with different cake discharge systems, which makes it suitable for all kinds of filtration processes. The most frequently applied systems are a scraper knife and a continuous belt.

Process description

Product is sucked onto the filter drum. Fluid passes the filter medium and is discharged through an external filtrate tank. The solids are discharged continuously by means of the selected discharge system. The FC type vacuum filter is available with drum cleaning and a choice of other options.


An FC type vacuum filter unit essentially comprises a slurry pan; an agitator; a filter drum; a discharge system; an external filtrate tank; a vacuum pump; and a filtrate discharge pump.


  • Proven technique
  • Versatile due to a choice of discharge systems
  • Long life and low maintenance costs
  • Insensitive to variation in load


Filtration of fluids containing coarse solids to fine particles

Technical data

FC Type vacuum filters are available with filter surfaces ranging from 0.3 to 80 m2


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