Rotating vacuum filter, type FP

The FP type Vacuum filter has been designed especially for product filtration with a filter aid (precoat filtration). The filter is fitted with an automatic scraper knife system capable of scraping off the cake with an absolute minimum of precoat.  

Process description

First a precoat layer is applied to the drum. Then product is fed in and sucked onto the precoat layer. Fluid passes through the layer and is discharged through the internal suction pipes and the filtrate tank. Solids stay behind on the filter drum and are scraped off together with a little bit of precoat to open the layer for the next revolution. The FP type vacuum filter is fitted with a drum cleaning spray pipe and can be fitted with a variety of extra options.


An FP type vacuum filter unit essentially comprises a slurry pan; an agitator; a filter drum; an automatic scraper system; a drum cleaning spray pipe; an external filtrate tank; a vacuum pump; and a filtrate discharge pump.


  • Proven technique
  • High efficiency
  • Long life and low maintenance costs
  • Insensitive to variation in load


Deep filtration of fluids with fine particles

Technical data

FP Type vacuum filters are available with filter surfaces ranging from 0.3 to 80 m2

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