Centrisieve HCD 500/650/800/1000

The global starch industry continuously strives for improving production efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and minimum down-time. In response Nivoba further developed the Centrisieve.


Crude starch milk is fed into the rear of the conical basket of the central distributor. The basket speed forces the product forward while it is washed with process water. The starch milk passes the screen in the basket. The fibres remain on the screen and are discharged at the front. If necessary the process is repeated with the fibre fraction until the starch has been washed out completely.


In essence a Centrisieve HCD comprises:

  • Sieve housing with a hinged cover and two locks, a central feed pipe and a safety lock
  • A conical sieve basket with a screen and a distributor
  • Product wash and screen-cleaning spray pipes
  • Electric motor directly driving the sieve basket
  • A sturdy frame to which the sieve housing and drive components are assembled.


Typical features of the HCD type Centrisieve are:

-      Direct drive controlled by means of a frequency converter
-      Open frame providing space for pumps and other components
-      The design enables quick exchange of drive components
-      Sanitary stainless-steel construction


  • Starch extraction
  • Fibre dewatering
  • Extraction of hydrolysed gluten
  • Washing crystalline products 
Model HCD-500 HCD-650 HCD-800 HCD-1000
Screen surface (m2) 0.28 0.44 0.86 1.3
Motor (kW) 7.5 11 22 30


Dimensions mm. HCD-500 HCD-650 HCD-800 HCD-1000
Width 830 1086 1380 1400
Length 1915 1565 2130 2415
Height 2140 2350 2410 2690

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