Omega screen RCC280

Nivoba Omega Screens are designed for solid liquid separation. Omega Screens are commonly applied in the potato starch, cassava starch and wheat starch industries.

Process description

Product is fed to the inside of the screen under pressure. Liquids and fines pass the screen and are discharged. Coarse particles continue over the screen and exit separately. The screen is cleaned periodically on both sides by a double high-pressure cleaning system.


Housing fitted with an omega shaped wedge-wire screen. A feed box and a double high-pressure cleaning system.


  • Compact, completely closed unit
  • Large capacity
  • Visible process through transparent door
  • Hardened screen
  • Self-cleaning


  • Starch industry
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Vegetable processing industry
  • Wastewater treatment

Technical data



Length (mm) 660 660 660
Width (mm) 230 330 630
Height (mm) 820 820 820
Cleaning pressure in (bar) 160 160 160
Cleaning pressure out (bar) 25 25 25
Feed pressure (bar) 12 12 12

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