Nivoba Sifters are screening equipment for removing coarse parts and crushing lumps in granulates or powdery materials. Sifters are used in the starch industry in particular.

Product enters the sifter and is fed to the cylindrical screen by means of a feed screw. In the cylindrical screen the product is brought in motion by vanes that also crush the lumps and discharge unbroken lumps. Fines pass the screen and are discharged separately.


The sifter comprises housing with an inlet, starch outlet and an outlet for coarse solids; a shaft with feed screw and vanes; and a cylindrical screen. The shaft is driven over a belt drive.


  • Continuous automatic operation
  • Hygienic and enclosed construction
  • Maintenance friendly


  Z-190 Z-280 Z-370
Screen surface (m2) 0.31 0.74 1.15
Motor (kW) 0.55 2.2 4
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm. 1522x265x665 1915x1060x1000 2285x1260x1250

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