Strainer V1/V2

The Nivoba Strainer has been developed as a safety screen to protect subsequent equipment. Its completely enclosed construction makes the strainer highly suitable for in-line screening. 

Process description

Product is fed into a cylindrical screen under pressure. Fines and fluid pass the screen. Coarse particles stay on the screen and are removed continuously by rotating brushes. They are finally collected in the cone underneath the sieve housing. The cone is emptied periodically by means of a manual or automatic valve.


A strainer essentially comprises sieve housing with a feed and effluent discharge flange, a cylindrical screen and a rotating brush shaft.


  • Continuous process
  • Compact design with large capacity
  • Self-cleaning
  • Operation and maintenance friendly


  • Safety screen
  • Screening of precipitable solids

Technical data

  V1 V2
H x W (mm) 1720 x 550 1215 x 395
Screen surface (m2) 1,5 2,5
Capacity (m3/h*) 100 40
Motor (kW) 0,55 0,25

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