Compact Starch Recovery System

Process water from the potato processing industry contains considerable amounts of starch. This starch is such a burden that water treatment or discharge into the public sewer becomes problematic. For small-scale potato processors, Nivoba offers a compact and very effective starch separation unit.

Process description

The process water enters a small tank. A mixer prevents the starch from settling. When the level in the tank reaches the upper level switch, the pump feeding the hydrocyclone is started automatically. In the hydrocyclone the starch is separated after which it is discharged as a dense concentrate. When the level reaches the lower level switch, the feed pump is stopped automatically. The unit is a turnkey system, complete with interconnecting piping, electrical cabinet and wiring. The maximum capacity is 5,500 litres per hour.


Compact starch recovery system comprising:

  • Tank with mixer-agitator
  • Hydrocyclone feed pump
  • Hydrocyclone HC50 mounted on an adjustable stand
  • Control valve and manometer mounted on the hydrocyclone inlet.
  • Interconnecting piping made from stainless steel and enforced plastics
  • Electrical cabinet with buttons
  • Interconnecting wiring and power cable with euro plug


  • - Capacity up to 5.500 l/h.
  • - Separation efficiency 90%>*
  • - Turnkey system
  • - Hydrocyclone made from wear-resistant polyurethane

* based on separation of unheated, fresh native potato starch

The compact recovery system is often supplied together with a peel press which is also used for screening the process water. 

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