Starch recovery / potato snack industry

The increased demand for fresh water and the increasing price of water are serious issues and of great concern to us all. The potato processing industry consumes large amounts of fresh water and has now set its sights on reducing its water consumption.

Major benefits can be achieved by making the used water fit for reuse in the production process. This can be achieved by removing the solids, and the starch, in particular from the water.

Additional advantages include: 

  • Less wear and tear of the production equipment
  • Lower costs for wastewater treatment and discharge of solid waste

The separated starch is a valuable raw material for further processing

Starch recovery from process water can only be effective when it is carried out properly.

For potato processing units with an input of three metric tons of potatoes per hour the water has to be treated at source:

For units with smaller capacities all water is collected and treated centrally.


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